Michelle Green

Sales Manager

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Phone: +1 (800) 567 8910
Mail: name@mail.com


clients about michelle

When will you be adding bath salts to your line? you sent me two samples and they were DIVINE!!!!

ElaineBoston, MA

Used the salts. HEAVENLY. When will they be sold. Will be ordering soon anyway. Thanks, Mary.

MaryDedham, MA

You are more than welcome to post any of my letters to you. I simply LOVE the care shown in all the products. I've ordered and how delicately things are wrapped!! I look forward to receive products when I order them. We love Hawaii and vacation there as often as we can. The products you make and sell takes you to that island again!!! I love it!!! Please let me know how to order the new lotions I was told that you have. I don't see that on your homepage. Thank You, Marcia

Marcia Cole

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